Often times many artists will ask us, “is your canvas high quality”. The simple answer is, YES! Most artists do not know that quality canvas is woven from the finest grown cotton. It is indeed 100% cotton. The raw cotton fiber is inspected and graded before it starts through the weaving process. It is re-inspected after it has been made into goods. Sunbelt Artist Canvas is double primed with an acrylic/ titanium, acid-free formulation that is compatible with all types of paint media and is permanently flexible. Our artist canvas is run under laboratory controlled conditions assuring uniformity and consistent quality. Samples from each lot are tested and after coating, each roll is inspected a final time. All of our canvas is acid-free, double primed canvas that is suited for oil, acrylic or water based paints and stretched on quality stretcher strips.


The best work often comes from the right canvas. 100% cotton canvas that is tripled primed.