Let's Get Started! Hot Cakes Introductory Paint Set

This introductory set is an ideal way to get started with encaustic painting. This set contains 1.5 fl oz (45ml) Hot Cakes each of Titanium White, Bismuth Yellow, Naphthol Red, Ultramarine Blue, Wax Medium, and Slick Wax. You can mix a multitude of colors using this primary palette. The wax medium is used to extend our paints, and the Slick Wax is used to clean your brushes and palette when you are done. This set comes packaged in a large tin that is not only good for storage but can also be used for melting larger quantities of paints, wax medium, or Slick Wax. Every Let’s Get Started Set also includes an empty Hot Cakes tin and a mail-in coupon for you to redeem for free paint. Simply select from any of our 1 fl oz (29.5ml) Original Cakes paints listed on the back of the coupon and mail the coupon, along with your receipt of purchase to us, and we will mail you a 1 fl oz (29.5ml) Original Cake for FREE. The cake of paint you receive will fit perfectly in the empty tin and is a great way to personalize your encaustic palette.