Lustre Silver Shimmer- Plastisol Ink, (quart)

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  • Lustre, Glitter & Metallic Inks
  • Black, colored or white garments -Unique effects -Cotton -Cotton/Polyester, Acrylic & Polyester garments (with LB underlay) Features -Easy to print -Bright and outstanding effects -Great coverage
  •  Bleed Resistance: None Opacity: High Wash-up: Any plastisol cleaner. Special Notes: white cloth or cracks, temperature and/or dwell time should be increased. Do not dry clean and always test on fabric to be printed. PVC inks are thermoplastic compounds that require heat to fuse or cure. If ink rubs off on a Storage: º º Ideally 65 to 80 F. Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Mesh: Lustres 86, Glitters 40, Crystalina 40 & Metallics 110 Stencil: Any direct emulsion or capillary film. Wet on Wet Printing: Can be printed wet-on-wet to increase production. Modifications: , extend color use Soft-hand Base (I10-0111) & for dulling use Suede Additive (I10-9907). To reduce viscosity use Curable Reducer (I10-9906), improve stretch use G&S Base (I10-1020) Squeegee Hardness & Angle: Medium to hard at a 45 degree angle. Squeegee Blade: Sharp. Fusion/Curing: º º decreased. For heat presses use 390 F/195 C for 8 seconds. Because metallics and lustres reflect it may be necessary to increase temperature and dwell time.
  • Note: I-10-1101 Metallic Gold will tarnished in the container over time, therefore it should be used immediately and ordered only as needed