Spec Black- Plastisol Ink, (gallon)

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  • Great opacity with quick flash.
  • High performance for polyester/cotton blends.
  • Low hot tack.
  • User friendly, no viscosity modifiers necessary.
  • Creamy, short body plastisol for easy printing.
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General Info: Spec Black is our intermediate black that contains a soft creamy body, though not as creamy as our Black Cream. This black is very popular with manual and automatic printers.

Non-Phthalate Plastisol Inks (Midori Series) Spec Black I10-2001

Applications -Direct printing -Light to dark colored garments -Cotton, cotton blends & polyester Features -Smooth body -Great coverage -Clears well -No build-up -Soft feel

Mesh: 86-300 Stencil: Any direct emulsion or capillary film. Wet on Wet Printing: Can be printed wet-on-wet to increase production. Modifications: , puff use Puff Additive (I10-9903), extend color use Soft-hand Base (I10-0111) & for suede puff or dulling use Suede Additive (I10-9907). To reduce viscosity use Curable Reducer (I10-9906), improve stretch use G&SBase (I10-1020) Squeegee Hardness & Angle: Medium to hard at a 45 degree angle. Flashing: º 700 F for 8 seconds, just enough so the surface is tack free. Squeegee Blade: Sharp. ° Fusion/Curing: º º decreased. For heat presses use 390 F/195 C for 8 seconds. º º 325 F/160 C for 1 to 1 ½ minutes. Oven temperature can be increased and dwell time Bleed Resistance: None O

Wash-up: Any plastisol cleaner. Special Notes: a white cloth or cracks, temperature and/or dwell time should be increased. Do not dry clean and always test on fabric to be printed. PVC inks are thermoplastic compounds that require heat to fuse or cure. If ink rubs off on